Australian Citizenship means

  • Get an Australian passport
  • Freedom to come and go from Australia as much as you wish
  • Security of knowing you can return to Australia as your home any time
  • Support from the Australian Government while overseas through embassies
  • Never being concerned about your status in Australia

You may qualify for Australian Citizenship if you

  1. Are a migrant that
    1. Holds a permanent resident visa
    2. Has Lived in Australia
      1. As a permanent resident for the last 12 months (you are allowed to have travelled overseas for up to 90 days during this time)
      2. For a total of 4 years, even if some of that was on a temporary visa (you are allowed to have travelled overseas for up to one year during this time)
    3. Pass the citizenship test (in English)
    4. Are of good character
    5. Go to a citizenship appointment and attend a citizenship ceremony
  1. Are a New Zealand Citizen who arrived in Australia before 26 February 2001, or who holds a special Centrelink certificate regarding your residence in Australia

You may automatically be an Australian Citizen if you were born in Australia:

  1. Before 20 August 1986, or
  2. After 20 August 1986 and;
    1. have at least one parent who was an Australian Citizen or permanent resident on the date of your birth; or
    2. lived your first 10 years here

These are common cases. There are many more possibilities.

Some of the normal rules are relaxed for people

  • Under 18
  • Over 59
  • Who are children of New Zealand Citizens that have permanent visa status in Australia
  • Born overseas to a parent who was an Australian Citizen but lost it by becoming a citizen of another country (Australia now allows dual citizenship)
  • Who have significant impairment of hearing, speech or sight
  • Cannot understand what applying for citizenship is, because of an enduring physical or mental incapacity
  • Who serve in the Australian defence forces
  • Who fit within certain occupational groups (eg aircraft crew, CSIRO scientists, Olympic athletes
  • Fit within the Immigration Ministers discretionary categories (eg spouses of Australian Citizens)

Children of Australians born overseas can usually apply for citizenship by descent.

Children of people applying for Australian Citizenship can usually included in their parents’ application for citizenship, until they turn 16.

Special arrangements exist for adopted children and abandoned children.

Australia allows dual citizenship, but not all countries do.

If you are an Australian Citizen and are considering taking citizenship of another country you will not automatically lose your Australian Citizenship by doing so.

If you are going to apply for Australian Citizenship we recommend you check with your current country of citizenship. Find out if you can keep your current citizenship if you acquire Australian Citizenship.