Time and Money are one-time opportunities. Spend wisely.

We can help you:

  • Know your options
  • Have a Plan
  • Do it right
  • Get what you want

Our advice will save you money and time. Whether you have us manage your case for you, or handle it yourself, you will benefit from having the right plan, and knowing the process and hazards in advance.

Mistakes can be very costly

  • Visa application charges – the Australian Government’s charges are high. For most visas each person included in an application pays a separate charge.
  • Cost of medicals & police clearances – these often need to be repeated for failed applications because they have a limited validity date.
  • Travel costs – in some cases failed applications can necessitate leaving Australia.
  • Re-applying if refused – where the right option is to apply again, or for something else, all the visa application charges must be paid for the new application, and all the time taken is wasted.
  • Appeal costs – where an appeal is the right option, it is likely to cost thousands of dollars. Appeals can take years to resolve.

When you apply for a visa, the Australian Government makes a permanent record of your application. If you make a mistake, or if your application is refused, this is placed on your permanent record. It can effect future applications by you. It is very important to succeed the first time you apply.

Many factors can effect your chance of getting the result you want, including:

  • Hidden requirements – Australia’s immigration department does not disclose all it’s rules and policies to the public; our library is comprehensive.
  • Interviews – we can prepare you for the questions that are likely to be asked.
  • Investigations – Immigration officers can conduct their own inquiries into cases; we can prepare you for this prior to lodging the application.
  • Prejudice – we are aware of the issues that Immigration regards as ‘risk factors’ and can help you deal with these in advance.
  • Mistakes – mismatch of information between forms and documents is common; we can cross reference all materials before they are presented to Immigration.
  • A bad ‘visa history’ – we can help; these cases require special attention.
  • Poor visa choices – we can help you select the best visa application for your current circumstances and future plans.

Immigration law is 100% of our business. Let us help you.