Australia’s family migration scheme is designed to allow people to migrate to Australia to join family members already living here as Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents. In many cases a New Zealand citizen who lives in Australia and meets certain requirements can also sponsor family to migrate to Australia.

A person who qualifies to migrate to Australia may include their own family unit in their visa application.

Normally the Australian relative must sign and lodge Sponsorship papers with the Australian Government.

Sponsored visas include:

  • Couples:
    • Being included on your non-Australian partner’s Australian visa
    • Fiance Visa
    • New Zealanders
    • Partner Migration
    • Prospective Marriage Visa
  • New Zealand Citizens
  • Parent Migration
    • Aged Parent Migration
    • Contributory Parent Migration
    • Contributory Aged Parent Migration
    • Parent Migration
    • Temporary parent (a new option expected to start in 2019)
  • Child
  • Aged Dependent Relative
  • Remaining Relative (takes many years to get; some can apply while in Australia and stay while their case is considered)

There are other options. The list above covers only options commonly asked about.

Sponsored visas require the Australian relative to sign a sponsorship.

Some sponsored visas also require an Assurance of Support.