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Please read our Google Reviews. You can find them online by doing a Google search for Welch Law. There are some USA law firms also called Welch Law, so please make sure you are looking at our reviews. We are located at Milton in Brisbane, Queensland.

Older Testimonials

Below are some testimonials and letters of thanks received before Google Reviews. See what Immigration Officers and our clients say about our services.

Dear Mr. Welch

I have assessed Mr. [redacted]’s application today (just now in fact) and your client has met all requirements for the grant of a subclass [redacted] visa.

On a personal note… all of the information presented was comprehensible, easy to follow and addressed all of the criterion perfectly. Submitting such well prepared applications, especially in relation to work experience, makes my job infinitely easier, and results in much quicker approvals.

Thank you once again.

I Warne, Immigration Officer, Skilled Processing Unit

Adam was recommended to me by a colleague a number of years ago and having worked with many lawyers in different areas during my career, I have to say he is a stand out. His knowledge of our business and industry, on top of his exceptional skills and knowledge in the field of immigration, make him an absolute asset as a service provider to the business.

Adam (and his team at Welch Law) provide a level of service, integrity and knowledge that are second to none – and we have definitely provided more than a few “challenging” cases during the time of our business connection!

Further to business, I have also recommended Adam personally to friends seeking immigration advice and will continue to do so.

I can’t highly recommend Adam enough for anyone seeking high quality Immigration advice and assistance.

Stacey Bout - Business Development Executive Appco Group Australia

Thank you for taking all the worry out of my father’s immigration process. We originally went to two other immigration lawyers, none of which were professional enough to even touch on the most important question: What are the weak points in our immigration case, how do we go about making them strong? In our first appointment, you immediately pointed out all the weak points and told us which documents were needed to strengthen our case and why. It was obvious you knew exactly what you were doing and what was needed to make our case a success. After that first appointment with you, we stopped worrying. Thanks again!

D Riley and M Schletze, Germany, contributory aged parent visa

This was the first time I used the services of a lawyer and I thought that you were a very professional, and precise person in doing the task. You undersold and overdelivered which I feel is a hard thing to come across these days. Communication was easy, the cost I felt was reasonable and the time period was quicker than I thought it would be. Words cannot explain fully how appreciative I am of what you did for me.

J Glanville, USA, Working Visa

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you as I have just received my Spouse visa, for which Welch Law lawyers have been instrumental in its successful application. You gave me sound professional advice regarding the application itself and precise guidelines involving what documentation to submit. Your knowledge of the Australian Government’s Policies and regulations and your understanding of the format required by the Immigration Department was accurate thus resulting in a smooth lodgment, which was processed without delay. It was your experience in the preparation of the visa application that confirmed to me that I had made the right decision in seeking professional help. I do genuinely feel that without your assistance I would not have been successful in my application. Therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other prospective clients seeking a professional service relating to the visa application.

J Farmer, Spouse visa, South Africa

Overall, my experience in dealing with Adam Welch has been very good and I will not hesitate in recommending friends or colleagues to deal with you. You worked above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that my application was processed in time (and this was while you were ill as well).

G Douglas, UK, Skilled Independent Migration

Words can’t express the relief that is flowing through our family right now. Mum especially!

Thank you for fighting this battle for us and with us. I remember when we first met you said you chose to start practicing Immigration law because you believe it is more rewarding. I imagine how rewarded you must feel when you have a successful outcome like ours that impacts so many lives for the better. My entire family and especially mum thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in our case and for representing us so fantastically. We know we are not completely out of the woods yet, but as you say, I think the worst is probably over now. Mum sobbed for quite some time when I passed on your news about the judge’s decision yesterday. The stress of the pending hearing and having to revisit the details of how she ended up here have taken a toll on her over the last few weeks. I think she can finally breathe a little easier as we no longer have to drag up those unpleasant memories.

M Thornicroft, Australia, Sponsoring mother

We’ve been surprised over the years how many people have come to us for advice about finance vs marriage visas, bringing out parents, sponsoring other family.  We have ALWAYS provided your details and insisted that the most important thing to do FIRST is to seek out legal advice.  Its too late once you’ve lodged and things haven’t worked out.  So many people don’t see investing in legal assistance as a priority and then whinge when it all falls to bits or they encounter major barriers.  Crazy.

We genuinely appreciated all your sound advice from before we commenced the immigration process until everything was sorted.

S Davies, Australia, Sponsoring parent

First of all, many thanks for all your hard work, patience and support with the visa application. We believe that you were a God send person to us and your honesty and hard work are remarkable and very admirable.

We were very glad to hear about the opportunity to apply for PR straight away.

May God bless you for your all your good deeds and diligence. We will be recommending you to all of our friends as immigration lawyers of your caliber and honesty are extremely rare to come by. Thank you and again, thank you.

M Chornenkyi, Ukraine, Business Visa

Absolutely fantastic news, I cannot thank you and Adam enough. Without your efforts we would not have been granted this.

Once again thank you.

N Jones, UK, Employer Nomination (permanent residence)

I know it goes without saying, but I have to “try” to say it anyways: Adam, I am so very grateful for all that you have done. The compassion through all these months you have shown as well as the professionalism. We hope you know that we think the world of you! Your family is so fortunate to have a husband/father like yourself!

S Ryan, USA, Partner migration

Thank you and your staff so much for your assistance in this matter, [name] and I are extremely grateful for your help in bringing us to together.We were both thrilled to receive the good news and are very excited at the prospect of her coming to Australia.We will of course require your services to obtain subsequent visas in relation to her permanent residence and we will have to discuss the childrens situation in due course.

I have been most impressed by your professional and friendly service and have recommended your services to others requiring immigration advice.

Thank you once again Adam for making two people very happy.

S Frater, Australian sponsor, Fiance Visa

Also please convey our thanks to Adam for his courtesy and help…

Immigration Law is a steep learning curve and it is reassuring to have someone like Adam to advise.

D Ingham, Employer, 457 Visas

Just wanted to let you know the interview on Friday was a huge success.  [name] has been granted his 2 year visa.

Adam, thank you SOOOO much for all your help and guidance through out this.  The woman at immigration was very impressed with our organisation of paperwork.

… thanks for your promptness to fit us in.  The whole process was a lot smoother than we could ever imagine.

P.S.  See you in 2 years for the next one!!

S Drummond, DIY Guidance recipient, Spouse Residence

I need to thank you for everything. At last we open shop in Australia!

K Park, Korea, Business Visa

Great news. Thank you so much for making the process so seamless. Very much appreciated.

G Garley, UK, 457 visa

The main reasons I asked you to prepare my application was the impressive clarity of information on your website, and the speed, clarity, and personal nature of your reply to my first enquiry. My first impression, of intelligent and efficient service was confirmed by subsequent contact with you. I think that, considering the amount of communication involved, the service you provided was good value for money. Sometimes you did not answer a question as quickly as I hoped, but I was expecting a lot, and ignoring the fact that you have other clients. When it came to it, the visa submission and approval process seemed remarkably easy, but I am sure that was because you ensured that we prepared everything so thoroughly in advance.

C Grimshaw, UK, Resident Return Visa

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent support that my family and I have received from you and your organization to enable us to migrate to Australia.

G Panikar, Singapore, Investor Migration

As you are aware we were originally using another law firm. Your positive and confident down to earth approach was certainly a refreshing change. All our dealings with you were straight forward, to the point and very professional and we would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone. Thank you for making such a tedious time consuming exercise a breeze.

P Schlyder, Australian Employer & Sponsor

I am ecstatic about this good news! – I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts and advice.

D Swemmer, South Africa, Employer Sponsored Visa

First of all I want to thank you for the great job you did. I’m very happy that I get the chance to live in Australia and think that it wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

M Wildmoser, Germany, Employer Sponsored Visa

The service is good, operative, very sophisticated and accurate. And it is quite sufficient to amount of money we paid for. A special THANKS for Mr Adam Welch – immigration lawyer. He is a really STRONG advocate. Thank you for your excellent service! So we will be glad to keep cooperation with you and your company.

V Filimonov & I Lissioutkine, USSR, Independent Executive Visas

Adam made processing my business visa application straightforward and swift. Leaving me time to continue running my business and make plans or my big move.

G Cookson, UK, Business Visa