You may have appeal rights if you

  • Are refused a visa
  • Have a visa cancelled
  • Are refused Australian Citizenship
  • Are denied access to documents under Freedom of Information laws

The Immigration Department must explain this to you in their letter of refusal or cancellation. The letter will tell you if you have appeal rights, where to appeal and what your deadline is.

You must appeal on time. There are strict time limits for all cases. The Australian Government is obliged to explain this is their letter of refusal or cancellation. If you are late you will lose your appeal rights, permanently.

If you have appeal rights Contact Us immediately.

If the Australian Government writes you a letter refusing something and stating that you have no appeal rights we can help. The Australian Government is wrong sometimes. Alternately, you may have other options.

In some cases, you may have other options that are better than an appeal. Get holistic legal advice on your situation before your appeal deadline. Make the best choice.