If you want to handle your own case we can guide you.

Having an experienced guide can help you avoid many potential hazards. We can and do handle appeals, but preventing a problem is usually easier, cheaper and less stressful than fixing it. Here are some key facts to consider:

  • There are hundreds of visa options.
  • Australia’s immigration law is complex and constantly changing – on average the consolidated version of the rules is republished 8-10 times every year.
  • Information on the Internet (even on official Australian Government sites) can be out of date, or incorrect.
  • Every case is unique. Small differences of fact can have a big impact.
  • The Australian Government makes permanent records of visa applications. Errors can have serious long term consequences.
  • Immigration appeals take years and cost thousands.

It is very important to make the right visa choice and have a plan of action.

After we assess your situation we can tell you:

  • Your best options
  • Chance of success
  • What it will cost
  • What the risks and challenges will be
  • What the process is
  • How to apply
  • What documents are needed
  • How to deal with Immigration
  • How long it will take
  • What questions you may be asked at interview

If you want to manage your own case, we can give you the tools you need.

We offer a variety of ‘Do It Yourself’ services, including:

  • “To do” lists
  • Personalized kit of instructions for the application you plan to make
    • A list of documents you should provide to prove your case
    • Instructions on how to undertake the required medical examinations
    • Guidance on obtaining police clearances
    • Links to the right forms and helpful government information
    • Personalized instructions for cases with special needs or issues
  • Train you about the application processes
  • Warn you about potential hazards
  • Check your application before you lodge it

The cost depends on how much help you need and can be as little as AUD400.

If you decide that you want professional help we can take over for you.

We can manage your whole case. The first step is a consultation with you, to understand your case and help you decide what your best option is. Next we give you a written quote. We will agree with you about what we will do and what you will do. We are flexible and can negotiate a plan with you that meets your needs.