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Our Sole Focus

 Immigration law is  100% of our business.


 If you require help with something other than immigration law, we can refer you to a trusted professional colleague. This is a free service to our clients.

Choosing the right lawyer can be a challenge.

Please read our Google Reviews. You can find them online by doing a Google search for Welch Law. There are some USA law firms also called Welch Law, so please make sure you are looking at our reviews. We are located at Milton in Brisbane, Queensland.

 Most of our clients are referred to us by others.

When choosing an immigration advocate, ask the right questions.

Ask about their qualifications:

If they are a lawyer,

  • Is immigration law their specialty or a side-line?
  • How many years’ experience do they have advising in the field of immigration law?
  • Have they completed a post-graduate qualification in immigration law?

If not a not a lawyer,

  • Are they a Registered Migration Agent?  You can check here
  • How many years’ experience do they have?  The first two digits of their registration number is the year they were registered.
  • Will be available long term?  54% of migration agents have been in the industry less than four years, with thousands entering & leaving the industry each year.
  • Do they work with at least 1 other experienced professional as a back up?  40% of migration agents are sole traders.
  • Are they located in Australia? Foreign agents cannot be held accountable for their advice and are not obliged to do regular professional development.

Ask about their services,

  • How much time will they spend with you to understand your case before advising you?
  • Will initial advice be put in writing?
  • What obligation follows meeting with them?  (are you free to continue on your own, with or without further help from them or do you have to pay thousands of dollars and have them handle your matter?
  • Are they willing to tell you if your case is simple enough for you to handle for yourself?
  • Will they train you how to do it yourself, if that is what you want?

Talk with us about your case, in person, by phone or Zoom teleconference.

We take the time to fully understand your situation. We can tell you what your best options are, their chance of success, what it will cost, what the risks are and how long it will take. We can tell you if your case is easy enough to manage yourself or if legal representation is recommended and why.

You can choose to handle your own case, or have us manage it for you.