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Your Solution 

We pride ourselves on being able to find a visa solution for you when no one else can. Creative and lateral thinking to construct migration plans is our forte. This site explains some of the popular options available. There are hundreds of types of visas available. You may have options even if they are not explained on this site. Please consider the information available here and contact us for advice on your case.

After we consult with you about your case for the first time we will give you a written report about your best options, chance of success, the risks & challenges, costs and time frame.

Immigration law is complex. It is made up of many parts including statutes, regulations, government policy and procedure, case law precedents, gazette notices, statutory instruments and ministerial directions.

The job of immigration officers is to  control who enters and stays in Australia, not to help or advise you.

Let us be your guide and advocate. Our knowledge and experience can help you avoid obstacles and overcome challenges.

For example:

  • Government policy is usually strictly enforced by Immigration officers, but on appeal a case can be won by showing that the policy is out of line with the law.
  • A person who has a “ban” on entering Australia is only banned from certain visas, not all visas.
  • The place where you are when you lodge an application can make a big difference to how your case is treated.
  • Immigration officials are human and can make errors such as applying the wrong rules or asking for things you are not obliged to give them.

We are proactive. We plan and prepare for all significant immigration related events for our clients. We make sure our clients do not miss an opportunity.

For example we can help:


  • Track when you will be eligible for upgrades to permanent residence and Australian Citizenship, so you can apply as soon as possible
  • Prompt you when it is time to think about your next step
  • Remind you about your passport expiry date, which is often overlooked
  • Your age and work experience can effect your eligibility for certain options


  • Know about upcoming government initiatives
  • Track employee work rights for staff on visas to ensure your business complies with the law
  • Design and implement systems to avoid trouble with the Australian Government
  • Be aware of law changes that may effect your business

If you decide that you want us to represent you, we will give you a quote in writing to handle your case. This is called a ‘client agreement’. Our services include:

  • Answer all of your questions about immigration
  • Help you determine the best strategy to succeed in your application
  • Give you a list of the documents needed to prepare the application, including guidance on the content of letters and declarations that need to be made
  • Advise you regarding procedure for obtaining any police clearances and/or undertaking any medical examinations required by the Australian Government, and when would be the most appropriate time to undertake those
  • Check all your documents to ascertain if all necessary information is provided and ensure they comply with Australia’s requirements
  • Help you with the application forms or draft them for you
  • Cross examine all your answers on the application forms and check that they match your documentary evidence and both of these together meet the legal requirements of the Australian Government
  • Make an assessment of your case to determine if you to meet the relevant Australian Government benchmarks for visa approval
  • Write a formal submission asserting that your case meets the Australian Government’s Rules and Policies
  • Prepare your application in the format expected by the Australian Government
  • Lodge your application for you
  • Liaise and negotiate with the Australian Government on your behalf and supervise the case until the visa decision is made
  • Follow up your application
  • And, anything else immigration-related that you need