Sponsoring a Worker

This page is about sponsoring family. See Sponsor Worker.

Sponsoring Family

Normally a sponsor is required to complete a sponsorship form, provide evidence that they meet the eligibility requirements (see above), that they have a reasonably stable income and have a home in Australia big enough for the people they are sponsoring to live with them if necessary. We can advise and assist your sponsor with the sponsorship process.

If children under 18 are included in the sponsorship, police clearances must be provided to prove the sponsor has not been involved in certain criminal offences against children.

To sponsor family you must be:

  • Over 18
  • An Australian citizen or resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen.New Zealand Citizens living in Australia on/before 26 February 2001 are called “Eligible New Zealand Citizens” and often have special status in Australia, allowing them to sponsor relatives as if they were an Australian.
    • Eligible New Zealand citizens are required to do a medical examination and provide police clearances. If this is a concern for you, please contact us before taking action. New Zealand citizens can lose their special status in Australia if damaging information is given to the Australian Government.
  • In the required relationship with the person you are sponsoring. For example, to sponsor someone for a parent visa, you must be their child. Exceptions exist in some cases.
  • Some visas require the sponsor be “settled” in Australia, which means the sponsor must have lived in Australia for at least two years before lodging the sponsorship. If relevant, details will be on the page relating to the visa you wish to apply for.

The sponsor’s obligations are to normally just to provide food and shelter for the migrant(s) if needed.

Different limitations apply to different kinds of sponsorships. Details will be on the page relating to the visa you wish to apply for.