Contributory Aged Parent Migration applications must be lodged in Australia, when the parent(s) are in Australia. Parents receive a bridging visa to stay in Australia while their application is decided. The process can be logistically complicated.

Contributory Aged Parent Migration is available as a 1-stage or 2-stage process. There are significant practical and legal differences between them. We strongly recommend you get legal advice before making a decision.

Contributory Aged Parent Migration is usually decided within 18 months.

To be eligible for parent migration a person must:

  • Be over 65. A spouse who is under 65 can be included in the application.
  • Pass the balance of family test.
  • Be sponsored by one of your children.
  • Get an Assurance of Support (after requested to do so by the Australian Government)
  • Pass immigration medical examinations

For details see Parent Migration to Australia.

  • Stay in Australia on a bridging visa while application is decided, instead of waiting overseas
  • You can apply for travel rights to travel overseas and return
  • Have access to Australia’s free health care system (Medicare) as soon as you apply (before visa grant)
  • If the contributory aged parent migration visa is granted
    • Get unlimited travel rights for the life of the visa
    • Get full work rights
  • Backup option exists if visa is refused on medical grounds
  • High cost. Single parent over AUD60,000. Couple of parents over AUD108,000. The majority of the payment is made after you receive news that the application has passed all stages of processing except for the payments.
  • Can only apply in Australia (you must be able to arrive in Australia with a visa that will permit you to apply for this, or you will be totally unable to access this option)
  • Immigration medical examination can be required at the end of the process
  • Need Australian health care solution for backup option and (optionally) to gain access to private health system
  • Assurance of Support is required for a 10-year period