Work Sponsors – Be Prepared for new laws in March 2019



The Department of Home Affairs (I’ll refer to them as “Immigration”) can cancel the sponsorship of employers who fail to comply with workplace laws. A cancelled sponsorship means the loss of all sponsored staff, and possibly other consequences including fines, bans, audits and investigations.

New superannuation reporting requirements are due for uptake by 31 March 2019. The changes mean that superannuation funds must regularly report your data to the ATO. So the ATO will be better placed than ever before to identify employers who are not compliant with superannuation laws.

Immigration and the ATO share data.



Work Sponsors should ensure that they have systems in place Now to ensure that superannuation is paid and reported on time.

Contact me if you need help understanding what is required, or creating systems to manage it.


More Details

More information about the new system is available on the ATO’s website, here:

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